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  With the rapid growth of the enterprise, has developed into a set of bottom cover all aspects of the development, production, manufacturing and trade based company printing tinplate. The company has the most advanced production line, the bottom cover can production line and printing production line, and has a complete set of line monitoring instruments and control top line detection device, the bottom cover production industry has been recognized as the largest manufacturer in North China.


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The development of tinplate

Tinplate packaging because of its good sealing and preservation, avoid light, rugged and peculiar metal decorative charm, also have broad scope in the container industry, is the international general packaging varieties. With all kinds of tinplate CC material, DR material, chrome iron enriched, promoted the development of packaging products and technology, tinplate packaging is full of innovation.

What is a tin?

Also known as tin tin iron, tin plating is commonly known as the English, abbreviated as SPTE, is a commercial pure tin plating of cold rolled low carbon steel sheet or strip. The role of tin is mainly to prevent corrosion and rust. It will be the steel strength and formability and corrosion resistance of tin soldering, and beautiful appearance with a material, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, high strength and good ductility properties.


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