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Cover making: now there are 14 cover making lines, including 10 most advanced dragon gate punching production lines in China, equipped with optical inspection equipment, automatic counter and bagging machines. The daily production capacity of aerosol cover is 1.8 million sets. The daily production capacity of food cover products is 8.2 million.

Product model: aerosol cover 200#, 211#, 207.5#, 209#,Food cover 200#; 202 #; 209 #; 300 #; 307 #; 401 #; 603 #

Printing iron: there are two coated lines of Fuji F452 and four coated lines of Fuji F453. Equipped with CTP fully automatic computer printing room, standard physical and chemical laboratory and other supporting facilities. The production capacity of tinplate printing day can reach more than 200 tons. The products cover a wide range of products, including beverage, dried fruit, food, daily chemicals, aerosol, foaming gel, automobile care products, etc.

Tinplate trade:Mainly engaged in the business of shougang, baosteel, meigang, zhuoli and tianjin steel mills tin - and chromium-plated tinplate and box plate with thickness of 0.12mm - 0.50mm; Width of 700 mm - 1280 mm; Hardness of the T1 - DR9; Tin plating volume 1.1-11.2 g/m2; Surface states B, R, S, M. And according to customer requirements, wave shear and shear of various sizes, widely used in all kinds of metal container packaging cans and bottom cover.



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