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Oftinned use promotion

Tinplate applications is very broad, from as food and beverage packaging materials to the oil tanks, chemical tanks and other miscellaneous cans, protect the advantages and characteristics of oftinned provide good content on the physical and chemical properties.

canned food

Tinplate can ensure food hygiene, the possibility of corruption will be reduced to a minimum, health risk effectively block, but also conforms to the modern people in the diet is a convenient and fast demand, tea packaging, coffee packaging, health care products packaging, candy packaging, cigarette packaging, gift packaging, food packaging containers preferred.

Beverage can

Tinplate cans can be used for filling juice, coffee, tea and sports drinks, also can be filled with cola, soda, beer and other beverages. The tin can make the tank height change, both high and low, large and small, or square, or circle, can meet the diverse needs of the beverage packaging and consumer habits.

Grease tank

Light will lead to and accelerate the oxidation of oils and fats, reduce nutritional value, but also may produce harmful substances, more serious damage to the oil of vitamins, especially vitamin D and vitamin A.

The oxygen in the air makes food lipid oxidation, reduced protein biomass, destruction of vitamins, and tin opacity and sealing air insulation effect, is the best choice of oil food packaging.

Chemical tank

Oftinned material strong, good protection, no deformation, earthquake, fire, is the best packaging materials of chemicals.

The spray tank

Resistant to high temperature and high pressure of tin cans, especially suitable for high pressure filling the spray tank.

Dry mixed pot

The pot is changeable and beautifully printed stationery, cracker barrel and milk cans are tinplate products.


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